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            Welcome to Bilangde!  
            ADD:No.5-8, Liandong u Valley, Beichen West Road, Beichen District, Tianjin
              · COMPANY

            Tianjin than Landes Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the production of enterprise R & D, manufacturing, sales in the integration of automatic packaging machines, folding, mainly the production of wet wipes. The company has modern standard workshop and office automation management system, embodies the mechanical, electronic and other aspects of technical and management personnel, senior. Advanced automatic production equipment and high-precision testing instruments, to ensure high quality products.

            The company always adhere to the "technological innovation, product quality as the fundamental guiding ideology, for the purpose of customer satisfaction". At present, the company has successfully developed and manufactured professional wet multiple high speed, mechanical equipment, low cost and high performance. Products are exported to all over the world, praised by customers.

            Customer satisfaction, forever is our unremitting pursuit!

            Do not stand without the letter. Over the years, we see the integrity based on the survival of the enterprise, to provide more quality services to customers, but also create more space for the development of enterprises.

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